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"Sunrisians bag 3 Gold, 2 Silver & ! Bronze at National Teakwando competition (Junior) held on 31st Jan 2010" 
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Sunrise Academy

Vision: To Create “The Perfect Building Blocks” of the Nation & the world at large.

Misson: Sunrise Academy is committed to the education of children forming part of every strata of society.

Our Mission is to offer a sound educational program through the framework of the Council (ICSE) in a stimulating and creative atmosphere bearing in mind the sensitivity of the Indian as well as multicultural nature of our student body; that would enable the student to meet their full academic potential and adapt socially throughout the world.



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We believe that each child is like an uncut diamond. We do not put a shine on finished diamonds, but accept the challenge of producing the best diamonds, irrespective of their original condition.
Welcome to the world of Sunrise Academy – An institute backed by a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals nurturing your child, walking them through their most formative years – transforming them from “The Child” to “The Adult”.
Just as the pure and fragrant lotus flower grows out of the mud of a swamp rather than out of the clean loam of an upland field, so from the mud of worldly passions springs pure Enlightenment. Even the mistaken views of heretics and delusions of worldly passions may be seeds for Enlightenment.
All play makes Jack a Dud and all work makes Jack a Dull boy! We believe in all round development of the child. At Sunrise Academy, activities, be it Debates or Drama, Environmental Tours or Martial Arts, Music or Dance, Yoga, held as part of the curriculum, act as a building block, encouraging development of qualities as Leadership, Team work and being part of Group Dynamics. The medals bagged by the students of Sunrise Academy in every activity that it has taken part in, is testimony to our commitment to providing the child with all-round-development.